Revolution Filming Season 2 on Caldwell County

“In April, NBC ordered 22 more episodes of “Revolution,” the survivalist fantasy produced by J.J. Abrams, the creator of “Lost”. After the Texas Film Commission helped lure the show to Central Texas from its previous base in Wilmington, N.C., shooting for the second season got underway this month in the Austin area. Continue reading

Leland Orser and Patrick St. Esprit get recurring roles – NBC Revolution

First up is Leland Orser. He’s best known from the Taken franchise, and was a regular on ER and appeared as memorably panicked characters in Seven and Alien Resurrection. Orser will play a John Sanborn, a tense scientist who loves to build weapons.

Next is Patrick St. Esprit, who was the lumberyard owner/ex-mayoral candidate on Sons and was on The Chicago Code. He’s going to play Wayne Ramsey, a tough leader in the rebel resistance against Gen. Monroe.

Via: SpoilerTv, Source EW.

Revolution began filming in Wilmington Monday 16

NBC‘s new series “Revolution” began filming in Wilmington Monday. Wilmington’s downtown will stand in as Chicago, according to a city film permit.

In the scene, characters walk down an empty highway/railroad tracks and through woods under the 5th Ave bridge.

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