[Rumor] Revolution renewed for Second Season!!!


…According to The Root, the show will have a chance to redeem itself next year and has a chance of attracting a cult-based following if they improve the dialogue and acting. The Root praises the acting skills of Giancarlo Esposito, who previously played drug lord Gustavo “Gus” Fring on AMC’sBreaking Bad, a role the garnered him an Emmy nomination. The Root also suggests that the other actors sharpen their skills if they want to be in the same ranks as Esposito.

Given that Abrams has a lot of credibility in Hollywood, NBC gave the show a green-light for a full first season. The risky move will give viewers twenty-two episodes this year, to introduce them to the show’s concept.

If ratings are an indication of viewer loyalty however, the critics may be wrong on this one. The show currently averages about 10 million viewers per week, and its second episode saw a 53% increase in viewership in the key 18 – 49 age demographic, making it the highest rated show on Monday nights. Its breakout success also positioned NBC to beat out all other networks during September premiere week…


UPDATE: 11/10: The article was remove from Examiner.com.

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